This “Watercolor & Ink” lesson was my contribution in Let’s Face It 2020 with Kara Bullock. I really enjoy an illustrative look which I get with ink. I also love the looseness of the watercolor. Combined, they offer a really great effect.

DESCRIPTION: In this course, I share my method of drawing a face and hands then adding watercolor, India ink, and ink pen to bring it to life. This course comes with two lessons.

LESSON ONE: This lesson, “Waist Up With Hands”, includes 110 minutes of video instruction including explanation of supplies, drawing, watercolor, and ink. A step-by-step .pdf instruction sheet provides written detail of each part of the lesson with images to facilitate learning.

LESSON TWO: In “Face Angled Down, Eyes Up”, I demonstrate the same method of drawing, watercolor, and ink but with a different reference photo and perspective. I also show how I add a bit of acrylic at the end for some extra, deep color. This lesson is step-by-step .pdf instruction only.


  • 110 Minutes of video instruction broken into four (4) lessons.
  • Specific supply list with suggestions for substitution and using what you have.
  • Two (2) .pdf documents with step-by-step written instructions and images to facilitate alternate methods of learning.
  • Downloadable videos and documents.
  • Reference photos.

I’m also just an email away if you have any questions!

Watercolor & Ink

A course in drawing, watercolor, and India Ink by Deanna Strachan-Wilson. This course is password protected. A password will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.


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