REFLECTIONS: A Mixed Media Course in Art Journaling for Resiliency

DESCRIPTION: Using your art journal, explore a variety of mixed media tools and techniques to practice creating portraits; creating what YOUR eye sees as YOU see it, not necessarily as the world sees it.  I will share my method of incorporating words, phrases, and written journaling with layers of paint, collage, line work, and anything else that tickles the fancy to help you reveal your own Resilient Reflection.

– I will explain that, through creating, I have found a way to express my own personal resiliency; rediscovered and reclaimed joy that I believe is available to us all.
– I will share my method of creating faces using line work, acrylics, collage and written word.
– I will review the different supplies I will be using, what I like about them, and what I have learned from using them.
– I will also discuss different substrates and how I use an art journal to process ideas and take steps from the journal to work into a larger canvas.

SUPPLIES: Art Journal or other substrate, Graphite pencil, waterproof black India Ink, fountain pen with small tip, white gesso, black acrylic paint, 2-3 other acrylic colors of their choosing and/or watercolors, collage papers and/or written journal pages, Mod Podge matte or other matte gel medium, various size paint brushes.  Ultimately, use your favorite supplies! 

– 155 minutes of video instruction broken into 5 Lessons.
– Specific supply list with suggestions for substitution and using what you have.
– One (1) .pdf document with step-by-step written instructions to facilitate alternate methods of learning.
– Downloadable videos and documents.
– Reference photos.

I’m just an email away if you have any questions and you can join my “What If, Why Not” private Facebook group to share your work, get support, and encourage others.

Reflections: A Mixed Media Course

A mixed media portrait course with journaling and collage elements.


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