Other Whimsy

TRAILERS: The trailers below were inspired by my own camping experiences and living vicariously through vanlife bloggers I follow. These are acrylic and ink on heavy duty water color paper, 6″x8″. Originals of Blue Peace Camper, Home, and Saguaro available for $75.

Prints and note cards are available of all trailers below. Email me at dswilsonart@gmail.com for more information.

FLOWERS: I love doodling flowers. They are fun and happy and can resemble real flowers or designs from your imagination. These flowers are watercolor and ink on heavy duty watercolor paper, 6″x8″. These are all currently sold or otherwise out of stock. If you would like more information on my flower doodles paintings, please feel free to email me at dswilsonart@gmail.com.

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