This blog will be a simple blog.  A place to share, create and connect.  Inspire each other.  I will post my creations as they come to life.  I will also keep a list of art shows, classes and other events in which I am involved.  Thank you for visiting my page!  Enjoy!

Published by Deanna Strachan-Wilson, Artist

I live in Eugene, Oregon with my husband and two cats. I work full-time helping people find jobs and housing. Because I work full-time, I need to find time to create in small chunks. Watercolor and other water soluble materials work perfect for this. I love using my sketchbook to play and have fun without the pressure of creating a masterpiece every time. Momentum and ideas come from each small piece I create which sometimes leads to something larger. My goal is to do something artistic as often as possible, keep the momentum going, and learn, share, and grow with my art community.

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